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Teaching Children

The teaching of children begins at home. Strong family ties have a direct effect on a child’s learning because family activities influence one’s mental and emotional growth. What children learn at home, they bring outside their home. How a child interacts with other children and how a child reacts to situations in life are outcomes of observing the people nearby.


Asthma 101

Approximately 300 million people suffer from asthma worldwide and 255,000 of them die each year. Recent statistics by the World Health Organization show that most of asthmatics are detected at an early age. In fact, 65 percent of asthmatics belong to the pediatric population, aged 7 years old and below, with male preponderance. The rest of cases are acquired during adult life, frequently related to changes in lifestyle and occupation. Despite all these facts, asthma remains to be a controllable and preventable pulmonary disorder besetting healthcare community worldwide.



Little Felt Clippies

Aren't these the cutest little things things? I love the look and originality of felt clippies. These were sent into us by Jillian from The Bowtique. They have a large selection of hair accessories including bows, bow holders and more. To visit them and see all of the different styles available for yourself...

This cute little pouch was sent into us by Debra of Debra Lane Designs on etsy. This is the perfect multi-use accessory for every one. She also designs and sales boutique hand bags and other great creations. You can see all of her current listings my clicking HERE.

When it is time to buy the baby shower invitations, make sure to check the cute cards on this site. They offer many affordable designs and papers to pick from. Remember, the way to save money online, is to compare.


A new diaper bag for Spring

Ok, so I use the season changing as an excuse to buy new things...hey whatever works right? ;) When it comes to a new diaper bag, Rebecca Denny Designs has you covered. These diaper bags come in fun Spring colors. My favorite is the Raspberry Mommy Purse pictured here. I just love that fabric! The unique shape of these bags let you stuff all kinds of stuff in them and we all know how much stuff Mommy has to fit into her purse. You can see all the benefits and features of the bags.


Baby Bonnets

I just LOVE these bonnets that were sent into us from Nomayne, a designer on etsy. So cute, unique and perfect for keeping the sun out of baby's eyes this Summer. How cute would this look with a little swimsuit at the beach? You can check out Nomayne and all of her beautiful bonnets by clicking HERE. Don't forget to heart her!


I am BACK and almost caught up!

Sorry that I haven't been able to post until now but I am still getting caught up from being gone for 5 days....boy, was that a nice 5 days! ;) I only had to talk business once. I was having some problems with my fabric being shipped and my pattern grading services, so here I am on the beach talking on my cell phone trying to get everything straightened out. While doing this, we were trying to get the kids in because a storm was coming.....a little hectic to say the least. We had a WONDERFUL time and I have lots of pics and stories to share so I will return later this evening with more. I have to get a lot of orders out and ready for shipping in the morning.

Oh, and to everyone who would like to be featured....I promise I will be posting your items shortly! I got so many terrific ones I can hardly wait to share them with every one. I probably should have waited until I came back and was all caught up before I announced that little addition to the blog. Oh well, seeing all the products is cool enough for me.

I am off and will return as soon as I can (hopefully later tonight! ;) ).


Want to be a Thrifty Mommy?

Do you spend WAY too much on your family's grocery bill? If you are like me, the trip to the grocery store can be a headache. I am always looking for ways to save money. I ran across this great article "50 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill", it has some great tips on decreasing your bill and taking the headache out of the trip to the grocery store.


Hip Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is so hip and cute I just had to blog about it. I found it while browsing, a new site with all sorts of hip products for Mommy and Child. The blanket is made by Luxe Baby and is trimmed in a pink satin with a pink and brown screen printed graphic.

Body Image for Mothers and Daughters

Seeing that we live in the age of Christina and Britney, our daughter's aren't seeing the best role models for themselves or their body image. I stumbled across this article last week and I wanted to post it. I am a BIG believer that little girls should LOOK and act like little girls not minature adults. I don't think that a 7 year old should have to worry about the way she looks or that she isn't thin enough or perfect enough. Here is the article if anyone wants to check it out


A Basket for Baby

I have always adored Moses Baskets for baby. I tried to put Gia in one but she was having no part of that or a bassinet. If you are lucky enough to have one then you definitely need a beautiful bedding set. I have found quite a few at The cool thing about these is if you don't have a moses basket then you can have it made in a doll size. Hmmmm Gia's baby does need a new bed! ;) You can see all of their fabric choices by clicking HERE.